The Most Sought After Features In A Corporate Phone System

Despite the ability of the internet to streamline the way people communicate, it is still not a valid substitute for an old-fashioned phone call. Companies of all sizes rely on a quality phone system to help them interact with customers and efficiently carry out day to day responsibilities. In addition to providing quality voice interactions, a system should also offer the following benefits so it will be designed to help streamline the most basic functions that rely on voice communication.

Voicemail System

Employees are not always able to answer their phone every time it rings, and voicemail alleviates the frustration that callers have when they don’t get a person on the phone. Private voicemail boxes allow callers to leave a private message, and most systems will even send e-mail notifications, which allows staff to have access to important messages no matter where their work may take them.

Virtual Attendant

It is expensive to hire an individual for the sole purpose of answering calls, and a virtual attendant can eliminate the need for a receptionist position. When callers place a call, they will be greeted by an automated system that will offer a variety of selections that will route a call to the correct department. Callers can also enter an extension number and be transferred to an employee directly, which saves time and frustration.

Mobile Phone Access

More and more companies are choosing to provide virtual access to their systems to make employees more efficient. Business telephone systems that are VOIP based offer a mobile phone app, which allows staff to answer their extension as if they were in the office, even if they are on the road. This provides flexibility and will enable customers to reach employees quickly, and without having to wait for them to be at their desk.

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