FASTag – Thumps Up to Electronic Toll Collection Facility 

There would be many of you not aware of Electronic Toll Collection which is also called ETC FasTag. This program of collecting electronic toll collection has been rolled out by NHAI on Toll Plazas and National Highway. And therefore, it is called FasTag. To put in simple words, it is a kind of device having Radio Frequency Identification Technology that makes possible to get all sorts of toll payment done directly from the prepaid account linked to it. This device is usually installed on the windscreen of a vehicle and therefore it becomes easy for the commuter to have a hassle-free toll process.FASTag comes up with a validity of 5 years and you can recharge easily like a mobile top-up according to your needs and requirements. You can do it online going with online websites such as FreeCharge, Paytm, and MobikWik and so on. These websites are excellent to have non-stop movement of vehicles through Toll Plazas. Apart from it, commuters can also have the convenience of cashless payment of toll-free going with FAS Tag facility.

The customer can grab the cashback while doing toll payment going with FAS Tag facility. And you will receive a cashback amount in your account on a monthly basis. Using Paytm,FreeCharge, MobikWik etc., it becomes quite easy to do. Many of you might not know but the government has made the use of FASTag mandatory on every new vehicle. And therefore, online websites are also putting the best efforts in order to make this new law easier for the people. Digital bank websites are coming up with the excellent features so that commuters can easily go with this new law. The electronic toll-free collection on highways across the country will truly bring a great change. We are living in the digital world and therefore we should appreciate this kind of initiative. It is great to create a safe and developed city.

Benefits of Online FasTag

The government has made the use of FASTag mandatory on every new vehicle from 1st December. And this rule is going to bring a variety of benefits and prominent ones are being mentioned below.

  • It is best for the people who always want to go cashless.
  • Going with an online Fas Tag method, you can enjoy non-stop motion. Moreover, it also helps in a great way to mitigate commute time
  • And you can save a wide chunk going with cashback option, deals and discounts offer.
  • You will also get the benefit of savings on your fuel and thus you would also be able to contribute towards the environment.
  • It is being informed that cashback benefits are applicable only for trips made at NHAI plazas and do bear this in your mind.
  • The online method of Fas Tag is also good in respect of improving lane utilization
  • This initiative is also great since it improves transparency of toll transactions

So, what are you waiting for? Do make your life easier going with smart FASTagtoll payment methods.