Catch Success with Improved Lead Management


The old adage about how “the early bird catches the worm” has never been more appropriate in business than today. Businesses are competing for clients’ attention, and more often than not clients will do business with the first business to respond to their needs and queries. That is where improved lead management will enhance sales accountability in your business.

Immediate notification about leads

It is a fact that many businesses are losing out on sales leads because they either don’t know about them at all, or you might find out about them too late. With a quality lead management system you will be able to improve sales accountability by immediately being notified of every lead that has been generated for your business.

Once the lead has been generated you can further improve lead management by using such a system to automatically assign these leads to sales agents and keep track of what is happening. By setting expected response times and status updates for all leads you will improve sales accountability. Your lead management system will be able to alert you when the deadline is coming up and that lead has not been followed up on, allowing you to hold your sales agents accountable and prevent them from letting leads slip away due to neglect.

How to get quick lead response

Above and beyond keeping track of leads and managing timely contact to improve sales accountability, another benefit of an effective lead management system is that it allows you to respond to your leads immediately. This is how to get quick lead response times: set your lead management system to automatically respond to every lead generated.

This is better than quick, it’s instant. You can set your improved lead management system to send leads an SMS to immediately notify them that they have been logged and will be contacted. You can also have it send them an email with brochures and forms attached to prepare the lead even before one of your sales agents contacts them. Imagine contacting a lead to discuss your product or service and being able to answer precise questions and misunderstandings, or even accepting a form without having to put in hours of effort convincing them to sign up? This is the worm the early bird has been getting!

For benefits of improving lead management in your business are obvious. Not convinced? Try out Leadtrekker’s free trial for their high-quality lead management system. The results will speak for themselves.