Building a Grain Silo

Harvest is coming and it looks like there will be a record crop. You will need a place to store your grain until it is ready to go to market. Building a silo can give you this room and keep it safe until you can sell it. Here are the steps to build one.

A Stable Foundation

Before you start erecting the silo, you will need to lay down a plywood foundation. This will keep the grain inside from getting damp. The fluidizer you will install later will also help keep the product from getting moldy. You will then want to shop to find the silo that will best fit your needs. The kit should include the galvanized steel shaped the way that you need it.

Building It Up

Gather the tools that you will need and organize them at your work site. Lay the steel out around the foundation and put it together as the instructions illustrate. Add the steel bands that need to be connected to each other then attach them to the silo to give it structure. Get a ladder to build the roof and secure it to the silo. Screw in the door and ensure that it can be opened and closed easily when needed.

Add the Elements

Once the silo is constructed, you will need to add the machinery that will keep your grain fresh. You will need to add on the chute to fill the bin then the head to send the product to the truck. You will also want to set up dryers and fluidizer to keep moisture away from the grain. Wipe down the inside of the bin to make sure that it is clean and ready for the grain to be delivered. You will want to ensure that it is sanitized so that your product is contaminate free.