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What Exactly Is Hormone Therapy And How Do You Benefit from It?

Menopause is one of the human conditions that come with so many symptoms and it can last for quite a period of time and this is exactly why people these days are into hormone therapy because of the help it provides with this issue. But of course men also have a use for this new technology and that would be to help them age better. The thing here is that aging is a natural process of life and if you try to stop it with whatever technology there is available, you need to be prepared for the health risks you are subjecting yourself into. When you make a move that would greatly affect your health, it would be very helpful if you seek the advice of your medical doctor first and see if the move you wish to take is a good one.

What Happens When You Get Hormone Replacement Therapy?

When taking about hormone replacement therapy, the family doctor is usually involved and it is as simple as being prescribed to take any other pill. The fear of menopause is not only brought by physical aging but also because it comes with so many changed in the body that tend to make a woman uncomfortable and this is exactly what hormone replacement treatment is for, to lessen the symptoms that these women feel. As you may now know, the body produces hormones that assist in bodily processes. Hormone replacement treatment aids in providing hormones that help women feel better and younger when their body can no longer produce these hormones itself. Menopause can be very hard to deal with because it comes with hot flashes and vaginal symptoms and these are the two most common symptoms that the treatment can easily get rid of. Men and women are the same in the sense that the both go through extreme changes in the body when they reach a certain age and this is why it is not only women who seek this kind of treatment, but men as well.

When Was This Treatment Discovered?

It was all in the 1930s when women have been suffering from hot flashes so scientists made a study on it and discovered that it can be easily treated with Estrogen intake. It took about thirty years before family doctors stared to see how helpful the treatment is and they started prescribing it to their patients. Because the effects were so good, doctors were then treating almost everything with man-made hormones, from simple hot flashes to depression. The FDA approved hormone replacement treatment for patients that are going through menopause and later on in the 1980s, they began using it on patients that suffer from a decrease in bone density.

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