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8 Pro Tricks for Postcard Marketing Success

Postcard marketing is the cheapest direct mail option, and that has made it incredibly popular. The high response rates that it brings about, coupled with the ease at which it is created are also top advantages that you can derive from postcard marketing. However, a successful postcard marketing campaign is not something that just happens. So, here are the 8 pro tips on postcard marketing.

Focus your campaign on the right audience. You cannot, for instance, target your postcards to a zip code that is full of senior citizens if your company deals with baby formula. Therefore, you need to derive a list of the best prospects to mail to if your plan is to work as intended.

What does your postcard possess that will make a reader want to spare a minute to go through it? Unless your information is packaged in an eye-catching way that includes photos, colors, and high-quality graphics, very few readers will spare more than a few seconds looking at your postcards.
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An error that you should avoid is stating features about your products or services and forgetting to highlight the benefits. Never assume that the recipients know about using them because, the chances are that, they don’t. Offer an explanation as to how their lives will see an improvement once they start using your products or services.
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People may ignore the messages on your postcards if they sound like ads. Instead, design the postcard to look like a message from someone close if you want it to bring out the best effects. Use imperfect lines, fonts that like handwriting, and fake-stick notes if you want to get the best results.

Show recipients that you respect their limited time by using precise messages. Just like you, they may not have a lot of time to spare to read lengthy marketing messages. Short, catchy messages, several images, your contact information, and a call to action are sufficient to get the job done.

Your postcard marketing strategy should be to lure potential clients to visit your physical store or website. As a result, do not turn the message into a sale since your primary motive is to make readers take further action. If a wrong impression is created here; you will lose the prospect and your firm’s reputation.

Create credibility and familiarity in readers by sending postcards often. The results of your efforts may not be immediate but, over time, they will be meaningful.

Timely messages work best when used in postcards because they encourage prompt action. Give the reader an excellent reason to act now by rewarding them with a bonus or discount. Readers may not have the chance to read your entire message, so make your offer clear and quick.