Versatile and Lightweight Aluminum

Aluminum is a popular metal for die castings. It is easy to work with, lightweight, resists corroding and is recyclable. These properties make aluminum a very valuable alloy. Aluminum die casting is done by melting the aluminum and pouring it into steel molds called dies.

Easy to Work With

Aluminum is easy to work with. It withstands very high temperatures, so it can be used in many applications where heat is a problem for other metals. Some of aluminum’s other qualities are stiffness and strength, heat conduction and electrical conduction. Many machine parts are made using aluminum die castings. Melted aluminum can be cast into almost any shape.


Aluminum is lightweight and strong which makes it a sought after material in situations where reducing weight is crucial. Applications such as automobiles and aircraft rely on aluminum to reduce weight and improve fuel economy. It was popular for cookware at one time, but stainless steel has gained in this area in recent years.


Unlike steel and most other metals, aluminum does not react with the air or corrode, which is one of the properties that make it so well suited to beverage containers. Aluminum parts don’t fuse together like some metals will.


One of the best properties of aluminum is that it is completely recyclable. When they are no longer needed, aluminum die castings can be melted down to create something new out of the metal. Used beverage cans are one of the most often recycled forms of aluminum, but car parts, doors, house siding and lawn furniture can be recycled, also.

Aluminum is a strong and versatile metal that is popular because it can be used for so many things. This easy to work with material is lightweight, does not corrode, conducts both heat and electricity ver well and it is completely recyclable with little to no waste.