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It’s Time to Get Rid of TV In today’s economy, you might be considering ways to eliminate all unnecessary costs out of your budget. One huge expense that eats away at your budget each month is your cable bill. If you’re on the fence about eliminating your cable, we’re about to tell you why it’s much easier than you think! Free Streaming Sites With the technology that’s available today, canceling your cable has never been easier! You might be surprised to know that most of your favorite shows are available for FREE the day after they air. Check out any of the major network TV websites for a full listing of their TV shows and movies that are available for FREE streaming any time you want! You may not be able to watch TV shows as they air, but is that one day waiting period really worth the hundreds of dollars you’ll save on cancelling your cable bill?
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Do you actually watch most of the channels that are included in your cable package? One of the biggest problems with cable is that you’re forced to pay for channels you’ll never watch. On the other hand, you’re not stuck! Besides free streaming sites online, there’s a wide variety of companies that allow you to pay for ONLY the shows and movies you wish to watch. Most of these services only charge a dollar or two per episode. You can save thousands of dollars a year, just by refusing to pay for shows you don’t watch! Home Streaming Receivers No matter which type of TV you have, many companies even sell streaming devices that connect right to your TV. If you don’t have a smart TV, it’s no problem! Most of these devices only charge a one-time fee of around $100, and you can begin to stream a huge catalogue of TV shows and movies. Turn your TV into a Streaming Source If you’re still not convinced that you already have what’s needed to stream anything you want, don’t stop reading just yet! Most computers and laptops already come with an HDMI port that allows you to connect right to your TV. If you don’t have a Smart TV, HDMI cables are a surprisingly cheap way to instantly turn your TV into a computer monitor. But What About Live Sports? You might be thinking “but what about sports?” There are a few things that you literally need to watch as they air, including the Super Bowl, and the World Series. Many cable packages charge you way too much money to bring you every game that happens during a typical season. On the other hand, do you actually watch EVERY game that happens during a sports season? However, there are lots of subscription services that let you watch any game you want for a low monthly fee. What is it that you’re waiting for? It’s pretty easy to see that there are enough FREE streaming services out there that you don’t have to miss a thing! And more importantly, you can save thousands of dollars a year!