Replacing Your iPad Screen

As you get older, time appears to move much faster due to generally coming across new stimuli. Surprisingly, the iPad is coming up on its tenth anniversary as it was released on April 3rd of 2010. When the iPad was first unveiled, it was written off as a giant iPhone that was masquerading as a tablet. Over time, the iPad eventually gained its footing and became the most popular tablet of all time. There have been quite a few iPad generations since the initial release, and each iteration receives an increase in performance and usability. While these devices are highly coveted, they are rather costly and can drain one’s pockets pretty quickly. This is especially true if you end up cracking the screen on your iPad. If you live in Houston and recently broke your iPad screen, you should research iPad glass replacement Houston.

Should You Switch to Android?

When people break an iPad screen for the umpteenth time, they often think about alternatives to this tablet. If you are considering switching from iPad, you need to ask yourself one pertinent question. If you are an individual that enjoys an easy-to-use operating system with limited customizability, then remaining an iPad user is most likely the wisest choice. A lot of people fear to switch to Android tablets because of the number of problems that can occur for the inexperienced user. Depending on the type of user you are, you may not even engage in some of the advanced features either of these options offers. However, if you are someone that roots devices or jailbreaks iPads, you should weigh your options carefully. Replacing the screen of your existing iPad is undoubtedly the cheaper option, but it also opens up the opportunity to try something new. Apple has a stranglehold on the tablet market, and this does not seem to be changing any time soon.