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The Reasons why People Get Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are different reasons as to why many people get the drugs and alcohol addiction. The mental illnesses can be a huge burden for many people, and they will try so many things so that they can be able to relieve their pains and at some point they can turn to using drugs as a way to ease the pain. The people who use drugs or alcohol can temporarily make someone feel normal again just like they were feeling before. The mental illnesses is an issue that many people are willing to discuss with either the doctors or the family members, and therefore they can get addicted to using drugs so that they can forget that they are experiencing pain. People also get addicted to the use of drugs and alcohol as they try to forget the pain and the suffering that they are undergoing.

Many teenagers think that it is easy to use and handle drugs and also be able to control especially in a situation whereby they see the people they consider as their role models doing the same, and in the process they become addicts. The content of the entertainment that people are watching in today’s world is full of references to drug users, and this can encourage many people to start the fantasy thinking that it is trendy, and in the process they will be addicted to the lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism. Addiction can start from the family level, and if a family has an addiction, chances are there will be more people from the family who can be pulled into the addiction thinking that it is a good lifestyle.

Others take alcohol and drugs to get rid of boredom. Sometimes because they are idol they might want to try something new and something that they feel will be exciting and so they start to consume alcohol and drugs as an alternative. Others use the drugs thinking that it will relieve them of their stresses. Many people living in today’s world especially those who have families to take care of can be stressed as they find ways and means of making ends meet and make their families live a good life, and in the process, they can be very stressed and turn to alcohol and drugs to forget their stresses.
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Some people might become addicted to drugs that have been prescribed to them by their doctors thinking that it is ok. Over using the prescribed drugs by your doctor can end up becoming a bad addiction.
Other people can use the drugs to try to fit in when hanging out with their friends and so if others are drinking alcohol and taking drugs they will do so to fit in.A Simple Plan: Tips