Why No One Talks About Marketing Anymore

Accounting Firms Also Need CPA Marketing Strategies

Like any business, accounting firms should also grow. Growth is possible when these three things work harmoniously together. These three things are your existing and prospective clients, a solid brand that reflects what you do and marketing efforts. Unfortunately, not all firms are keen on cpa marketing. One needs to stand out to be recognized and attracted more clients.

Marketing for CPAs is not a mystery but rather an effort that can be summarized into 5 ways. Whatever method you choose, do it seriously in order to get it to work to your advantage.

Someone needs to take the lead in marketing the firm and it isn’t someone who is an accountant rather it is someone who is dedicated only to do the task of marketing. Should you be involved, you can build a list of clients you want to have, but leave the actual task of getting the word out to your marketing team. This should be confused with saying that a senior marketing manager is direly needed. Instead, you can work with a marketing coordinator, which a good move for smaller firms. The decision to hire a team or only one person to implement CPA marketing strategies depends on how much growth you want to see.
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The second method is to regularly visit your clients. You should be constantly engaged with your existing clients to maintain good working relationship. Are you adding valuable service every time you meet your client? This is crucial because if clients are satisfied with your service, they will likely refer you to their partners.
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Moving on, the third way is to come up with a referral strategy. This suggestions, goes hand in hand with the second method described earlier. Your existing clients are your best sources for referrals. So be good to them and your brand will cascade to their partners and associates.

Hold events if you can afford to or if you want to make a bigger move. If you choose to do so, this is where your marketing coordinator should step in. However, there is a big challenge to this: With everybody busy, it might be difficult to get people to attend the event in person. Instead you can hold a webinar which is more convenient for your target audience.

And lastly, form allies in the industry. Network with people who can spread your brand. Besides your clients, business partners can also refer you to the people they know.

Each accounting firm is different from the other. One way may not be as effective to this firm as it is to the other firm. Get to know what your firm needs to help you decide which method will work best for you.