Improving energy efficiency within industries

The broad topic of energy efficiency within industries which relates anything from computing and electronics to textile production and even governmental offices is gaining a lot of uprising importance. It hard to argue against the fact that energy saving is really important given that saving energy means saving money as well as the environment. What’s there not to like?

Many industrial environment often demand precise levels of cooling and that can turn out to be very pricey. Pharmaceutical, electronic and manufacturing companies are just few of the industries that require precise temperature and humidity to prevent bacteria growth and such. This means that there are cooling unites functioning at all times and consuming electricity which means consuming money.

But there are ways that industrial companies can reduced their electrical bill regarding these cooling example without compromising quality.

Here are three ways to achieve energy efficiency in industries:

  1. Incorporated “free” cooling.

What is meant by free integrated cooling is that the cooling systems takes advantage of the cold outside without sacrificing the required internal temperature. This is also known as the economizer mode, this method gets rid of compressor operation during times when the external temperature is cool enough to provide whatever temperature is required inside. This technology has been proven to work for years even in places that seem to be unlikely (like the desert). Saving 50 percent is very possible.

  1. Flexible speed drive compressors.

Air conditioner was either on or off, one was not able to regulate it meaning the compressor and drive fans were running or they were not. Today’s unit increased in efficiency in the sense that you could regulate them on the temperature needed and once they reach that degree it will stop running with lots of power. The ability to run the AC at less than its maximum power can drastically lower energy consumption.

  1. Placement compressor technology.

Energy saving can be done by having two compressors instead of one sharing a single refrigerant circuit. When the cooling capacity of both compressors is not required, one turns off and the other takes over. This system allows the unit to work more efficiently at partial tasks when both compressors are not required.

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