How to Choose a Lake House Dock

Besides miles and miles of coastline, Florida has many lakes. Having a house on the lake can be just as thrilling as one on the beach. Having a boat to explore that lake makes it even more fun. Here are some tips to choosing the best dock for your lake house.


If you plan to use your dock for more than just a place to tie down your boat, you may want to look into a piling dock. These wooden slat docks use large pilings placed deep into the soil. They work fantastically as piers to fish off of and to keep your boats right there. You can extend the length or keep them short. These docks are great for high-flow water areas since they don’t move. A Florida marine construction company can help you determine the right dock for your lake house.


You need to choose a boat dock that fits the size of your boat. If you haven’t bought a boat yet, have an idea of the size before selecting a dock. A double-decker boat needs a larger dock than a small fishing boat. A larger boat also needs a sturdier dock to anchor at in order to keep from floating away.


Piling and crib docks are expensive options that tend to last for years. These sturdy docks are designed for permanency. A floating dock is a more versatile option that sits on top of the water at a lower cost. A floating dock can be handy for doing repairs in the middle of a lake. Suspension docks offer a modern alternative using metal framework perfect in fragile ecosystems.


You may need a boat lift to keep your boat out of the water when not in use. Many boat lifts are removable. These can be near the dock to lift the boat up to help with hull preservation. Boat lifts can help extend the life of the boat, so you can have years of fun.