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Key Benefits of Using Salon Software

How important your clients feel when they’re in your salon can make or break your chances of keeping them. Different salons apply different methods of operating the business. There are those that rely on the classic paper filling system to maintain their clients’ records. For others, it’s time to be more efficient, and this is a goal they can reach with the help of salon software. Salon systems automate most of the processes used in running a salon and may even help with other aspects, like customer service and marketing.

Are you interested in using a software solution? Do you want to maximize your benefits from your current system? If so, below are the different ways a salon system can help you attract new clients but keep existing ones too:

Pre-booking Invitation

One way you can ensure your clients’ return is prompting them to set another appointment before they leave. With some salon software, the hairdresser or therapist can be reminded to ask the client if they are interested in booking their next appointment before or as soon as payment is made. The system should also provide a report on clients who are overdue for appointments, and you can use that list to send personalised reminder SMS or emails directly.

Easy Booking Process

Salon software offers clients a 24 hour system that lets them book their own appointments anytime and anywhere they want. Clients may even pick a stylist whom they particularly like. Salon software can warn you of any no-shows ahead of time. The two-way text messaging that usually comes with systems is simple and can used to forward personalized text messages to a number of people en masse. Your system can use this for your marketing effort.

Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty scheme to help invite clients to come back more frequently. You can even set automatic discounts for those customers who refer someone to your salon. Or you can book them both at the same time. Salon systems let you store details regarding each client you have – for example, their birthday, their favorite TV shows and magazines, or how they like their tea. The client’s information can help you make their visit to your salon more enjoyable or memorable.

Stock Management

Besides using your system directly for clients and appointment setting, you can also use it as well to monitor your stock. You can use it not just to count stock but to know which products you use the most too, thereby letting you order only what you really need. There are also systems will also watch your stock levels and may even order your stock for you when needed.

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