A Look At Hybrid Combiners

A combiner is essentially a gadget that takes two signals and combines them onto only one cable. There is no “translation” which takes place when the signals are placed on the same cable. Combiners generally come in two useful but very different versions, those being RF combiners and hybrid combiners,

RF power combiners and splitters are very widely used in the technology and electrical fields. However, even though this method of technology is widely used, it is actually not the most powerful method to use. This honor belongs to the hybrid combiner. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to using a combiner of this nature. Here is a clear look at what they are when it comes to combiners of the hybrid variety. For more informatoin, please visit hybrid combiner

The one big advantage that the hybrid has over the RF model is the fact that far less power is lost when using a hybrid versus using a resistor-based combiner. There will be some power loss in the hybrid but the amount is very low to the point of being negligible.

One thing to keep in mind when desiring to use a hybrid is the cost. Since hybrids use transformers, the cost is higher than with cheap resistors. This is because the transformers need to be carefully constructed. However, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Resistors are very simple devices in the way they are constructed. Hybrids, again because of their reliance on transformers are much more complex and delicate.

The frequency response one can expect from hybrid combiners will tend to be lower than one would expect from resistors. This is because transformers have very limited frequency ranges. This will act to lower the range overall that the hybrid enjoys. This should be a consideration when choosing between the two.

Overall, however, the best choice for reliability and solid construction will always be to go with the hybrid. The convenience of not losing power in the combining is a great benefit unless the need for a wider rang of frequency is applicable in your situation.