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Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Guest Book

A guestbook is a nice idea at a wedding since it will give you a permanent record of the special people who were there for the celebration,. While the typical guestbook can be lovely, it’s also a bit monotonous. These are some great ideas for fun and distinctive guestbook alternatives.

If you like the book format, it is nice to personalize it a bit. Rather than the usual guest book, make your own. It is possible to make it special by including photographs of the groom and bride, or redecorating it to go together with the theme of your wedding. Brides who are at great at scrapbooking skilled may have a ball making their own custom books for guests to sign. Use one of the sites which will allow you to upload your photos online, if you are not the crafty type and also make a custom printed book. Or even better, have your guests personalize the book for you; set a pretty scrapbook with a Polaroid camera and some markers. Your visitors may have a terrific time snapping an enjoyable picture and setting it in the memory book with a congratulatory concept.

Another idea is always to have your guests sign an object other than the usual closed book. The nice thing about this is that you will have a special piece to show in your new home and enjoy all the time. You will get more pleasure from it than you would a closed book gathering dirt on a shelf. One popular idea would be to have your guests sign a picture frame that’ll be utilized to mat one of your wedding pictures. If you intend to have an engagement portrait done, it’d be nice to exhibit it in the mat while it is out for guests to sign.
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Other things to have your guests autograph include tall vases, large containers, and platters. One genuinely unbelievable idea could be to have the guests sign a special pen that would create a resist on a clear glass bowl or platter. After the wedding, take a glass etching solution to etch the uncovered area of the glass. You are going to be left having a frosted glass bowl revealing every one of the names still written in clear glass when the withstand printer is washed away.
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For an outdoor wedding, a very pleasant idea is to put down little pieces of paper in a unique shape for guests to write a quick note upon. When they are done, they can hang them on a tree using a little ribbon. In case your wedding is indoors, you can make the same set up using a tiny table sized tree.