3 Ways To Make Your Custom Furniture Really Special

Have you spent years searching for the perfect dining room table or desk but can’t find anything with the right look or dimensions? A custom-made wooden piece can solve all of your problems. Here are three ways that you can make that special piece really stand out.

Add Metal

If you don’t love the idea of using all hardwood or want to add some flair, consider incorporating metal into your design. The contrast of hairpin metal legs on a wooden slab desk is a beautiful and eye-catching way to mix things up. Searching for metal fabrication companies near me will lead you to professionals who can turn your dream into reality.


Whether you chose laser engraving or track down a woodcarver, adding letters or a special design to your furniture will help personalize the piece. By adding this unique touch, you are creating an heirloom piece unique to your family that can be passed down through generations. Consider adding the names of your children or grandchildren, or perhaps a date that means a lot to your family.

Sentimental Materials

If you have access to hardwood with sentimental value, why not incorporate it into your furniture? Perhaps there is a gorgeous walnut tree in your childhood backyard that needs to come down, or you have several planks of cherry that your grandfather never got around to using. Keep in mind that the process for kiln-drying and preparing old wood can take some time. It’s important to bring down the moisture level and be sure the material is free of bugs, but its value to you will be priceless.

If you are having a project custom made, don’t hold back on the details of the design. You will be thrilled to have such a personal and meaningful piece of furniture that will last for years to come.